Login / Register / Password
Use a valid email account as the user name. At the end of the registration process, you will receive the access password. You can then use Optima/W immediately. If you have misplaced the password, you can have a new password sent to you at any time in the login dialog.
Tip: If you do not like the password, you can set your own password in the user administration. The user administration can be found in the master data menu.

Demonstration data
When you log in for the first time, demo data is automatically created for you. This should make it easier for you to find your way around the system. You can delete the demonstration data at any time if you no longer need them.
Tip: You can rebuild the demonstration data at any time in the database administration. But be careful: all other data will then also be deleted! So only do this while you make yourself familiar with the system.

The data is divided into master data (articles, services, customers, suppliers) and inventory data (reports, offers, orders, invoices, paid invoices). For this purpose, there are some useful tables such as taxes, discounts, payment conditions and bank accounts under auxiliary tables.
Tip: In order to be able to print VAT-compliant QR bills, you have to enter your VAT number in the user administration and your IBAN or QR-IBAN number in the auxiliary table with the bank accounts.

Document flow
In the inventory data you will find the option to change the document type under the actions. So you can create an order from an offer and an invoice from an order.

Document printing
When you select data records, a reporting menu is displayed in the header of the table. There you will find the available reports (evaluations). Basically, a list and a form are always available. For example invoice list and invoice form. You will first receive a preview in which you can then download the report as a PDF or as an Excel file.
Attention: With the QR-bill, the QR payment part is only available on the PDF document.

Logo for document printing
You can store your own logo (210mm wide, 40mm high) in the user administration. If you do not store a logo, your address will be printed out instead of the logo.

You can switch between German, French and English at any time using the menu in the upper right corner of the Optima/W.